About the Artist

Alev Demir is a fine artist born and raised in Germany. To pursue her dream of being a professional artist she enrolled in an intense contemporary mastery program in the USA, which taught her the skills of old masters and various techniques.

The artworks of Alev Demir reflect things that inspire her in everyday life. It starts with a nice conversation with a fellow human being and ends with the most creative creator of our world: Nature.

Alev Demir combines realism with the abstract world to create a contrast and take the observer to a new world. For this she uses a mixed media technique with different materials such as marker,
ink, spray as well as acrylic paint and finishes with oil paints to give the work the necessary depth. Expressing her inner realms through color, texture and line enjoys her the most. > See her art

Her artworks are an invitation to a journey into the world of dreams, where anything is possible if you are willing. She is aiming to encourage you making your dreams come true.

Art is expression. Feeling. Communication between body and soul. Through art I make my imagination come alive and bring something new and unique into the world - to transform any space as well as hoping to touch people’s hearts and inspire them.”

As an emerging artist she aims to expand her business and plans to give back to charitable causes in future.


Exhibition at M.A.D.S. Milano in Milan, Italy