Exhibition at M.A.D.S. Milano in Milan, Italy

Three of my artworks were on display from April 23th till May 2nd 2021 at the art gallery M.A.D.S. Milano in Milan, Italy. The Exhibition was called "Romantica - Shape of My Art". In this contemporary gallery the visitors are able to zoom in and explore the artworks displayed on a large screen.

Displayed artworks:
- Child of the Cosmos
- Moments
- Resting

Curated by Giorgia Massari.

All three works have as a main colors the light-blue and the pink that give the paintings a delicate and elegant look. The three works have as their protagonist a girl, shot in different ways in the three canvases.

The first, “Child of the Cosmos”, is the only one in which you can see the face of the girl, depicted three-quarters. Chiaroscuro is strongly accentuated on the skin, rendered in multiple shades of brown, green, orange, blue and white, in the same way as the Impressionist painters. Around her float delicate colored jellyfishes that place the scene in a marine setting.

In the other two canvases, the subject is accompanied by butterflies in one and a dragonfly in the other. “Moments” certainly depicts the fleeting nature of happiness, time and life that flows. All this is perceived by two hands, the main subject of the work, which interact with delicate butterflies in flight. The butterfly has a short life, is delicate and at the same time symbolizes change and transformation into something new. The work, thanks to the bright and delicate colors, conveys a feeling of hope.

The last work, “Resting”, has darker colors than the others: blue and purple are predominant and dominate the delicacy of white. The woman, from behind, is like immersed in soft clouds, in a fairy-tale setting.

Alev Demir’s works are a journey into the world of dreams, where anything is possible. It is therefore right to say that the artist succeeds in her intent to encourage people to dream and to pursue their dreams, to make them come true.

Click here to watch the short video of the exhibition.